Trust is one aspect that ecommerce must overcome to reach the millions in the country. With a mindset of apprehensions, rural dwellers look to local shops for goods. However, the concept of every brand everywhere remains a dream unless this barrier is cleared. To get past this DAKSH INNOVATIONS LLP from Hyderabad has conceptualized a strategy, B-STORE.

The Chief Sales Officer of the organization PARAMESHWAR in a candid chat revealed, ‘B-STORE is an ideal opportunity for educated individuals. Instead of running after corporate jobs turn into a corporate associate and serve the people at your convenience. Reputable brands and most utilized services are the assets of B-STORE’.

He added, ‘B-STORE, tagged as the RURAL DIGITAL HUB is true to its name serves the entrepreneur with a bouquet of services. While designing the B-STORE concept we had primarily the storeowner in the mind. His survival only will increase the network. With this ideology we had added many utiliy services and plan to add more regularly.’

B-STORE offerings are unique and work on multi-utility module for the same customer that increases the dependability of the storeowner. Serving the users from the place of your acquaintance with good revenues not only satisfy one’s needs but also gives a pleasure in serving the society.

Such concepts have a longer tenure and patronage because of their success methodology and serving USP. In support to the Government initiatives like Digital India, Make in India, Start-up India, Skill India and Innovation Fund, B STORE is designed claim the founders. This rural digital hub is a single stop shop for E-services.

The concept needs zero stocks but allows to trade anything. It requires just one attendant with basic knowledge on computers. With small investments big dividends are possible for the storeowner. Even the space specified by the designer team is just 10×10.

Looks awesome is it not…then book a slot in your area immediately to join the B-STORE network and become the proud owner of the amazing concept. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan

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